The Sicilian Thing

The Sicilian Thing is an easy way to bring a bit of Sicily to your everyday life.


Why the Sicilian Thing Pin? 

 To describe a beautiful place and to give it a unique identity. The Sicilian Thing is a fascinating object that represents the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the island of Sicily.



The trinacria in heraldry is a female head with three bent legs ( triskelion ) from it.

The coat of arms ofthe Sicilian Region: yellow and red respectively represent the courage of the cities of Palermo and then of Corleone, which first rose up against the French during the Sicilian vespers of 1282.

The head refers to the gorgons , monsters from Greek mythology with golden wings and characteristic snakes instead of hair. They were three and they represented the perversions: Euryale represented the sexual perversion, Steno the moral perversion and Medusa the intellectual perversion.